The Atlas of Screens

The Atlas of Screens

Each mapped case study is here represented through key images: 94 organisations committed to sustainability. They were interviewed by the young mappers, under the supervision of Cittadellarte, and expressed their opinions on the sustainable choices they have made or would like to make in the future, with reference to the 17 Sustainability Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. They also expressed opinions on the concept of hospitality and on the possible perspectives they would like to see adopted in the Biella region in relation to sustainable development.

At the end of the survey, each of them filled in a short self-assessment form based on the following criteria:

- Social and environmental impact (e.g. emissions, waste, energy, land use);

- Innovativeness and originality;

- Replicability and exportability in other territories;

- Ability to generate sustainable economy and employment;

- Relationship with the territory and communities, and ability to network.

Agriturismo l'Arbo

Relax and tourism in the Cervo Valley among chestnut, beech and birch trees

Agriturismo L’Oro di Berta

Nature, authenticity, typicality and zero km products

Carolina Venturin Artigiano Liutaio

"Sustainability? First of all Carolina and not just a luthier" (Carolina Venturin)

L’AgriCultura aps - Bosco dei Piccoli, bosco dei Grandi

Playing and growing in nature to learn to live in harmony

Associazione A passi d'Asino

"We must leave an imprint of knowledge, but it must be as light as possible" (Paolo Vergnaghi)

Biella Gold Seekers Association

The biggest gold mine in the nature in Europe

Association of the House Museum of the Upper Cervo Valley

The sustainable relaunch of Bürsch

The dolphin

Responsible and sustainable mobility in Valdilana

Associazione Panathlon Biella

Sport as an instrument of understanding and brotherhood between individuals and peoples

Fashion Atelier by Tatiana Fusi

The sustainable vision of fashion according to a young designer from Biella

ATL Biella - Valsesia - Vercelli

The Biellese you never imagined!

Azienda agricola Alessandro Remus - Cascina Donda

"I'm just getting by, the keeper of this place, my job is to preserve it in the best possible way" (Alessandro Remus)

Azienda Agricola Amilcare Cappellaro

The ancient process of lactofermentation

Cà d'Andrei Farm

Reception and high altitude goat cheese

Azienda Agricola Cascina Angiolina

“Only the good earth can bear healthy fruit without having to give up quality” (Marco e Mariarosa)

La Crava Cuntenta Farm

"If you are stressed and live in the city, you lose sight of some objectives such as balance with the rest of the world and nature". (Manuela Zegna)

Manenti Farm

At the roots of natural agriculture

Mazzuchetti Farm

“Sustainability and cultural tourism, I believe is an indissoluble combination "(Riccardo Mazzuchetti)

Rosso Baietto Arcangelo Farm

Butter as it used to be

Barbera Sandro and sons

The combination of advanced craftsmanship and sustainability


The passion for the tradition of good things


A beehive populated with people

Biella The Wool Company

Wool is not only a natural and renewable product, but also a culture

Big Picture Learning

The school that helps students develop their potential

Birrificio Beer In

The high altitude brewery

Cappellificio Biellese 1935

The old hat factory rediscovered

Cascina Bozzola di Marco Maffeo

The fruit museum

Cascina Giocosa

To give back to the earth what is offered to us

Caseificio Rosso

“Art and taste improve life. The experience of tasting a typical cheese is a journey into the civilization of the past that transmits important values and knowledge to us for the future " (Enrico Rosso)

Centovigne - Castello di Castellengo

The recovery and enhancement of the fine wine

Centro Piante Scarlatta

Homeopathic treatment for plants

Chiorino Technology

The evolution of a company: from transmission belts to leather goods for luxury fashion

Ciclofficina Thomas Sankara

What is the value of a refusal?

Rosazza Tennis Club

Not a simple game but a special experience that combines sport and nature

Municipality of Campiglia Cervo

"I choose to go and live in Alta Valle Cervo, because it is a place where you feel good". (Maurizio Piatti, Mayor of Campiglia Cervo)

Consorzio Sociale Il Filo da Tessere

Responsible cooperation for the enhancement and growth of the common good

Orso Blu Cooperative

People at the service of an inclusive community

Raggio Verde Cooperative

Quality, ethics and respect for people and the environment


Create less waste, differentiate more!

Croce Rossa Italiana - Comitato di Biella

The time of kindness

Cubit - Mountain houses

"Together we go slow but far" (Alessandro Boggio Merlo)

DocBi - Center for Documentation and Protection of Biellese Culture

"There is a need to establish a link with the territory that generates empathic knowledge. The territory must be experienced in its fullness " (Marcello Vaudano)


Tradition and technology in transition towards a new living


Biella Città Smart

Ermenegildo Zegna

The luxury of sustainability

Felice De Palma

Between craftsmanship and technology: the new life of regenerated materials

Filatura Astro

Eco-sustainable regenerated yarns since 1956 in Biella

Clelio Angelino Foundation

Taking care generates beauty

Funivie Oropa Foundation

"We work in the present to create the roots of a future, including tourism, more attentive to nature and the environment" (Gionata Pirali)

Fondazione Zegna

"The sense of responsibility and commitment must become concrete in everyday life" (Anna Zegna)


Foodopia means utopia of a place where nature is in balance with man. Food is the thread that unites them. It is the well-being that is generated. (Marta Foglio)

GAL Montagne Biellesi

Discovering and loving Biella’s area without seeing it: the tourism experience for everyone

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