The exhibition

The Exhibition

The green sea of the Biellese territory unites the urban centres as the blue sea unites the islands of an archipelago.

The Biellese area is made up of a conspicuous number of urban agglomerations, immersed in a green sea of woods, mountains and fields, branching out over five valleys nourished by the waterways that have favoured the development of the textile industry. These geomorphological specificities give the province of Biella the characteristics of "Archipelago City", a territory in which the countryside connects the inhabited centres in an urbanistic model of great interest, even more so in the scenarios of the pandemic and the Anthropocene. This connection is sanctioned by the UNESCO designation with the symbol of the Third Paradise, which represents the creative and harmonious conjunction of the opposite kingdoms of nature and artifice. Biella Città Arcipelago is a laboratory of territorial planning, oriented to sustainable prosperity and creativity. It invites all the organisations in the area to actively participate in the drafting of a programme of concrete actions aimed at the rebirth of Biella.

"Biella Città Arcipelago - sustainability and creativity in the Biellese territory" is a territorial exhibition-laboratory that tells, through the direct testimony of some key players, about the state of the art of sustainability in the Biellese today. The investigation is declined on the 17 goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Biella Città Arcipelago is the storytelling of a territory that reveals its wonders through its sustainable vocation and concrete activities, an "archipelago of good practices and vitality" that communicates an unrest directed towards a sustainable prosperity. The exhibition is designed to last and grow over time: it is a laboratory in progress, a continuously updated device that, even after its opening, will keep including other actors active in sustainability, allowing visitors to always discover new and updated data and stories.

The exhibition is not an arrival point, but the start of a real participatory project shared with mapped and unmapped subjects. The workshop will develop through thematic groups/workshops on the priorities emerging from the mapping: renewable energy, the textile industry and sustainable fashion, slow tourism and hospitality, the educating community, natural and seasonal food chains, clean water, waste and circular economy, sustainable mobility and responsible digital communication. This phase of the project – called Forum Biella Città Arcipelago – invites all local organisations to actively participate in the rebirth of the Biella area towards a sustainable prosperity.



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