This material forms an ongoing archive about reflections on the Biellese's future. The main core of the archive comes from the past three years of the international course "Atelier Urban Design D - Climate Urbanism" of the Polytechnic of Turin, Master's Degree in Architecture for Sustainable Design. During the course, held by prof. Michele Cerruti But and Daniela Ciaffi, the students studied the territory by synthesizing the main urban issues (a.y. 18-19), by mapping and tackling climate change through design (a.y. 19-20), by foreshadowing future scenarios based on real places (a.y. 20-21). A second group of works derives from the results of the studies of the Executive Master "Design, Creatività e Pratiche Sociali" by the Politecnico di Milano with Accademia Unidee. The archive is an cultural support tool for debating and enriching the city-archipelago discourse.

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The archive houses the A3 version of the publication "111 places in Biella that you shouldn’t miss" that reveals to the reader the contents of this "treasure chest sealed with a thread of wool" that "holds art, nature and the creativity of the Made in Italy". In the first days of lockdown (April 2019) Cittadellarte launched the project "Pandemopraxy" with the text and video "Almost a manifesto at the time of the Coronavirus" (P. Naldini), a choral initiative of restart (rebirth) already oriented towards the post-pandemic period, addressed primarily to the network of Rebirth/Third Paradise ambassadors, but also to all those active in the community. A large book brings together the interviewees' testimonies, practices, suggestions and thoughts of sustainable prosperity. Inspired by the song by Subsonica dedicated to the Third Paradise, the initiative proposes a reflection guided by the questions: "How will you live? How will you learn? How will you communicate? How will you express yourself? How will you do everything you do?". Cittadellarte collected the answers given by the network of artivators, social innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers, administrators, scientists, designers, experts in the various fields of human action, in line with the premises expressed in the manifesto Progetto Arte, M. Pistoletto, 1994. The questions and the answers represent an articulated and ambitious research project that integrates the various devices activated by Cittadellarte in recent decades.

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