The big maquette of The City-Archipelago is a dynamic and evolutive platform narrating the territory through its data and phenomena. Likewise a large landscape made of informations and relations, the city-archipelago is composed of islands and a green sea. The model is exactly describing these relations and focus on its contemporary challenges and future issues.

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The islands and the green sea appear on the model together with all the elements that shape the archipelago: the projected maps narrate in a sequence an inhabited natural landscape made of forests, resources, green spaces, parks and paths. Or even describe the human life: the way we move, the water and energy use and consumption, the waste management, the industrial fabric and the agricultural settlement. And finally, maps that provide information on ongoing relationships between organizations active in the fields of food and education, sustainable development goals pursued, and routes of tourist interest. As an evolutive building site, the model is enriched over time with new maps, new views, new data and new elements and describes a dynamic archipelago, which changes together with its society.

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After delving into the characteristics of the Archipelago City, delve into the exhibition to learn the stories of the protagonists.

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