Let Eat Bi is an association that carries out a project started in 2014 at Cittadellarte, together with a dense network of partners including associations, cooperatives and local communities; it combines farming, culture and conviviality, with a focus on social inclusion. One of its projects is 'Terre AbbanDonate' (AbanDonated Lands), a web platform that aims to facilitate a synergy between the owners of plots in the Biella area who don’t want or can no longer take care of them and those citizens who would like to cultivate a piece of land, but don’t have it available. Since 2015, Let Eat Bi has also offered a weekly market (every Wednesday morning at Cittadellarte) selling seasonal fruit, vegetables and various local and organic food and wine products through the direct sale by Let Eat Bi partner farms. The aim is to create awareness of the (now urgent) need for local development through natural, local and therefore sustainable food. With its Green Academy, Let Eat Bi also organises an annual programme of courses to promote local food and wine traditions and the sharing of knowledge, with the contributions of agronomists, scholars and farms. Another initiative it has developed is 'Let Eat Grow', a generative welfare project that has brought together three associations active in the local social sphere to create an agrifood chain: from the farming of agricultural products to its processing and the sale of transformed foods. We have created a healthy local production by involving people in conditions of social, psychological and economic fragility. The three associations have become mutually useful for the development of a common project. Last because more recent is the project 'Orti del Biellese' (Biellese vegetable gardens): thanks to the 'connection' among four organisations already active in the area, plots of land acquired through the registry of Terre AbbanDonate are farmed by employing vulnerable people, to deliver weekly boxes of 100% natural vegetables to the citizens of Biella. The project continues thanks to the income earned from the orders placed, allowing to keep farming land.

Let Eat Bi and Terre AbbanDonate

Let Eat Bi, a structural project of Biella Città Arcipelago, showcases an office (furnished with furniture from the ManyMani project designed by the self-construction workshop led by Mattia Paco Rizzi, curated by Cecilia Guida and Juan Sandoval, for the 2017 Connective Residence Program). The Registry (of seekers of agricultural land on loan) and the Land Registry (of owners willing to grant their land) are temporarily located here, where some products of Let Eat Bi partners are on display.
Let Eat Bi collaborated on scientific advice for the identification of seeds for the Biella Città Arcipelago exhibition.
With Let Eat Bi the Terme Culturali treatments are designed.

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