The “basement” on the river

The specially renovated space of the basement hosting the exhibition is conceived as an urban centre, i.e. open to the citizens and at the service of the city, dedicated to reflection and planning for urban regeneration.

The urban planning project

From an organisational and practical point of view, Biella Città Arcipelago Demopratic is a participatory territorial planning laboratory oriented towards sustainable prosperity and creativity. The exhibition is part of the Festival of Sustainable Creativity, with which it shares the basic concept, made more significant and incisive on the territory precisely because of the common vision of the urban project. The actors involved represent the social archipelago consistent with the vision of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This territorial urban planning project resumes the organisational function of the Provinces, by organising rather than centralising an interface and promoting the expression on the territory of a common vision, of a shared horizon that does not end with a momentary intervention, but aims at wide-ranging towards the long term. In addition to the network of municipal councils, thematic working groups and tables have already been instituted in the area: starting with the Territorial Observatory for the needs of the Biella area set up by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella, which, in collaboration with the Municipality of Biella and Cittadellarte, launched and strongly supported the UNESCO candidacy.

The thematic Working Tables are:

- energy: renewables, electrification and energy communities (SDG 7);

- water: access and infrastructure management (SDG 6);

- hospitality: slow tourism and landscape co-creation (SDG 11);

- food: healthy, local, seasonal and regenerative production (SDG 2);

- education: learning Archipelago, educating community and territory (SDG 4);

- planning: calls for proposals and fundraising (SDG 17).

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